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Monday, December 13, 2010


here goes my hero.. hehe.. en.sayang sudah grad!!! bole kawen bole kawen!! i loike.. 9th sdecember lalu, en.sayang oficially graduated.. taun depan sy plak!! yehaaa.. sy suke sgt!!! but a bit guilty sbb xdpt pegi on his graduation.. sori yayang... ;(

location: PICC
ni mase en.sayang grad degree.. ;)

 finally, u got ur master sayang.. congrates sayang.. n sori sbb xdtg n give nothing...

u sgt2 chumell!!  

 dis pic was taken during his graduation.. tgk online pn jdlaa... uni msia xbuat pn grad 'live'.. nk blaja kt uk jgk!!!

last but not least.. ni hero ksygn sy jgk!!! ecad pn grad jgk.. hehe.. lap u laaa ecad!!!

muke nk kecut je ecad ni... tp xkshla cad.. chumell jgk ank buah cik ezah ni...;)

my turn will come.. saba ok!! nnt gmba kau lg byk dr diorg ni.. hehe.. ;)

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